Last updated: April 22th, 2020


What is EEDC?

EEDC - External Embedded Device Controller - is android application for controlling external embedded devices like sensors, IoT devices and any others devices which can be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy.

Where I can get app?

App is available for free at google play.

What is control file?

Every device must have a control file which is zip file containing index.html and other web related files including javascript functions to communicate with controlled device via EEDC API.

What devices can be connected?

Every network device which can be connected over TCP or UDP, every bluetooth device and bluetooth low energy device.


Where I can get control file for my device?

You need to create one. Take a look at start section.

My device is not connecting.

Be sure your device is visible to others and is using any of supported protocols (tcp,udp,bt,ble).


How much does it cost?

It's free.

Can I order control file creation or other services?

Contact me at me@martinforejt.cz.


I need help.

Contact me at me@martinforejt.cz.