Quick Start

Last updated: April 22th, 2020


EEDC application is for free available at google play. Just download app and add your first device.

Requirements: android sdk >= 19

Add device

There are 2 ways how to add device. You can scan qr code or add device manuly. On the home screen click + button and choose your way.


Scan qr code

To add device using qr code, just aim camera to qr code and it will be processed. If qr code is valid device will be added to the devices list on home screen. You can also upload image with qr code using upload arrow in upper right corner in scan screen. Just try it on qr code from examples.



If you don't have qr code you must create device manually. In first step you insert device name. Then chose device type wifi or bluetooth. For bluetooth device you can choose if it is low energy or if connection may be secured. For secured connection must be devices paired before controlling. Pairing will be invoked automatically before first connection attempt. You can also add some notes to device and choose color (blue circle in screen below) for better orientation in multiple devices.

In second step, for wifi connection you must provide ip address (or host name) and port and choose protocol from tcp or udp. In second step of bluetooth devices you can insert device's mac address manually or choose one of already paired devices or discover nearby devices. Note that for discovery you will be asked to turn on location services.

In last step you need provide information about control file. You can choose from 3 types of getting control file. Getting it from device, upload it manually or download it from url. More info about control files is in section Control files.

First step

General information

Seconds setp


Second step


Third step

Control file


Control files


Every device must have a control file which is zip file containing index.html and other web related files including javascript functions to communicate with controlled device via EEDC API.

There are 3 types of getting control file to your phone:

  • From device
  • If device can send control file right to your phone you can choose this option and provide string command which is send to device as request to download file. Command will be completed by \n character. The response must start with 8 byte value of size of control file (in big endian). After 8 byte size, the control file must be send. You can find example how to send control file from device in this bluetooth server example implementation: bt_server.zip.
  • Upload manually
  • If you choose to upload file manually, just select control file from file chooser.
  • Download from url
  • If you choose to download file from url, just provide full url.


Always don't forget to add eedc-core.js to you zip file.

How to create

Every zip control file must contain index.html and eedc-core.js. There are some rules how index.html must look like. Take look at example below. This example includes custom stylesheets file style.css, "api file" eedc-core.js and custom js file custom.js. Take a look at custom js file implementation below. More information about using EEDC API can be found at api page.

index.html example
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
    <link rel="icon" href="data:;base64,=">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">
    <script src="eedc-core.js" type="module"></script>
    <script src="custom.js" type="module"></script>
custom.js example
EEDC.init(function() {
    // device is connected


In this section there is list of all features in app.

My devices

This is home screen. There is list of created (imported) devices. Using + button you can add new device manually or by qr code. There are 2 icons in appbar - settings and about. In settings you can enable dark mode. In about screen there is just some info about app.


Add device

In this screen you can add device manually. More info about this feature is in upper section Add device manually.

Device detail

In device detail you can find all information about device. There are also some stats about connection time and last connected date. Three icon in appbar: edit device, delete device and share device. To connect this device use bottom connect button.


Control device

In this screen you control file is loaded in webview and you can start communcation with device via EEDC API.


Share device

You can share device from detail screen using share button in appbar. After click on this icon dialog with qr code is displayed. This qr code can be scanned from another mobile or you can use two button below qr code. The left for downloading qr code as image, or the right one for sending this qr code as image using one of your favorites application.


Edit device

In this section you can edit device. Important is the last one item in this screen. It is file section. Here you will need to download file before controlling it if you don't download it when creating device. If you import device using qr code you must go there to download file before controlling it.


In background

Are you controlling your device and must deal with other things such as answer chat message? No problem, device will keep connected in background and you can come back using notification in status bar.


Dark mode

Yeah, there is dark mode, turn it on in settings screen 😎